Fabulous Family Lunch Ideas You Can Whip Up in No Time

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These days life can be pretty busy, so it’s easy to forgo good eating habits.

Family lunchtimes should be a positive experience for everyone. Sometimes it’s easier to just give the kids some crisps and a cheese roll. But, these are some quick, easy and delicious options to make family lunchtimes much more exciting.

Fabulous Family Lunch Ideas in No Time



When trying to rustle up something quick and delicious for family lunch, a sandwich might be the easiest thing. This sounds boring, but why not make it exciting by making it a BLT?! First off, choose some tasty whole grain bread. A lot of people will use mayonnaise. But, for a healthier alternative, you could the Hampton Creek page located on Instagram and find out all about their eggless mayo. This adds a healthy touch to your BLTs. These are best served warm, so you need to call everyone for lunch once the bacon is nearing completion. A BLT is a delicious and satisfying option for the perfect family lunch.



Chicken Salad

You always want to try to promote healthy eating in the family. So, you should try to encourage everyone to eat salad as much as possible. It could be a Waldorf salad, a Cobb salad, or a side salad, just make sure they’re eating something. That’s why a chicken salad is one of the best family lunches you can go for. It’s a great way of using up leftover salad bits and chicken breasts too. You should grill or fry the breast, and maybe even do some bacon as well. Then you need to prepare the salad, and you can put in what you want. Normally a chicken salad will consist of lettuce, spring onion, possibly some sliced peppers. And you’ll have to make a decision about the sort of mayonnaise or dressing you may want.




Soup is the classic family lunchtime meal. It’s perfect in the summer and even better in the winter. The great thing about soup is how versatile it is, and how many different things you can do with it. Homemade soup is always better so try to make some of that if you can. Think about how thick you want the soup and what you want to add in. It’s perfect for using up leftovers and throwing in vegetables that need to be used up. The best soup is the sort that is brewed over a few hours before being eaten. But, you don’t necessarily have to do this. You can go for a much quicker option if you would prefer. The perfect accompaniment to your soup at lunchtime is some delicious crusty bread.

Cheese on toast


Cheese on Toast

This has been a classic staple in many households for decades and was often adopted as the student dish of choice. Cheese on toast is wonderfully easy, filling, and tasty to boot! But, there is a knack to getting it perfect. What you want to do is use the grill on a medium heat. Pop the bread under and brown one side first. Then flip it over, add the cheese, and do the next side. You have to remember that the cheese needs to be watched until it’s at the perfect point to take out. It should be melted and just starting the bubble. What you don’t want is the cheese to burn because this will affect the taste. Add a dash of Tabasco sauce while the cheese is melting for a little kick.

Family lunch times are often a fraught and chaotic affair. You have to deal with screaming babies, children wandering off, and your hubby caught up in something else. There’s often a lot to sort out, and you don’t want to be worrying about it. So, it’s important to come up with quick and scrumptious ideas to feed the family at lunchtime.


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