Entenmann’s Donuts & Milk: Perfect Together Sweepstakes

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Entenmann’s partnered with The Great American Milk Drive for an excellent program just in time for back-to-school.The program is Entenmann’s Donuts & Milk: Perfect Together Sweepstakes.

Entenmann’s Donuts & Milk: Perfect Together Sweepstakes

Entenmann’s is my family’s favorite brands of donuts; they are an everyday staple in my house. We love the 12 Assorted with Frosted Softee Doughnuts, as well as, other Entenmann’s products. Naturally when I heard about the partnership of Entenmann’s and The Great American Milk Drive I had to share it with you. The program’s goal is to deliver 100,000 servings of milk across the country to children and families in need. To obtain their goal Entenmann’s and The Great American Milk Drive joined forces to create Entenmann’s Donuts & Milk: Perfect Together Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes are designed to deliver milk to the people who need it the most. For every entry received during the Entenmann’s Donuts & Milk: Perfect Together Sweepstakes, 18-ounce glass of nutritious milk will be donated to The Great American Milk Drive up to 100,000 servings. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/Entenmanns/.

You can help by entering the Facebook sweepstakes through October 31. There are a variety of prizes available to win including:

  • 25 1st prize winners will win a one-year supply of milk and Entenmann’s donuts.
  • 100 2nd prize winners will win four boxes of Entenmann’s donuts.

You have plenty of time to enter the Facebook sweepstakes so be sure and stop by to enter Entenmann’s® Donuts & Milk: Perfect Together Sweepstakes.

My So Called Balanced Life is also hosting a special giveaway for a prize package valued at $70. The prize package includes:

One Entenmann’s Milk Bottle Tumbler, Five Entenmann’s Coupons valued at $7 each, and One $25 AMEX gift card. Be sure and leave a comment with your favorite kind of Entenmann’s donuts. Must be 18 years and older to enter, the US only.

My So Called Balanced Life is not responsible for prize shipment or fulfillment.


  1. I like the sugar glazed donuts

  2. My favorite is the chocolate donut with chocolate frosting!

  3. I like the Old Fashioned donuts

  4. rochelle haynes says

    I like their chocolate ones

  5. Stephanie Phelps says

    My favorite flavor of Entenmann’s Donuts is Rich Frosted Donuts

  6. My favorite are the glazed donuts!

  7. We love their Crumb donuts

  8. Margaret Smith says

    My favorite is the Chocolate glazed donuts.

  9. Chcolate Donuts are the best.

  10. I like powdered sugar donuts.

  11. Chocolate

  12. I love chocolate covered ones

  13. Jeanette Sheets says


  14. Love the powdered sugar donuts!

  15. I like their crumb topped donuts.

  16. Ashley turicik says

    I love the powdered donuts best

  17. My favorite flavor of Entenmann’s Donuts is their crumb topped donuts.

  18. I like the chocolate donuts best.

  19. I like their powdered donuts best.

  20. My favorite is the Chocolate glazed donuts.

  21. I like the chocolate donut with chocolate frosting.

  22. i like the crumb top donuts

  23. I like the double chocolate the best. Thanks for the chance

  24. One of my favorites is the Crumb Donut.

  25. I like their powdered sugar doughnuts.

  26. I like Glazed Cinnamon Donuts.

  27. I love the chocolate covered donuts.

  28. I like the powdered sugar donuts.

  29. i like the crumb donuts

  30. My favorite flavor of Entenmann’s donuts is the powered sugar flavor!

  31. My favorite is the powdered ones! 🙂

  32. I like chocolate donut.

  33. Hmm. I don’t know if I’ve ever had their donuts before. But in general, I would like the powdered ones or cinnamon ones…. yummy!

  34. I like the crumbs donuts and chocolate pop ’ems.

  35. I love the chocolate donuts! We just fished some of them.

  36. Ellie Wright says

    My favorite are the Rich Frosted Donuts.

  37. Mary Beth Elderton says

    We love the chocolate covered donuts.

  38. I love the double chocolate ones!

  39. I’ve never tried the donuts – only the mini blueberry muffins

  40. I love the chocolate covered donuts, that’s the first kind I tried and it’s still my favorite.

  41. Kristen Joiner says

    chocolate, gotta love the classic.

  42. Their powered donuts are my favorite!

  43. Jennifer Rote says

    I like the Devil’s Food Crumb Donuts.

  44. i love those mini chocolate frosted donuts

  45. I like the chocolate glazed doughnuts

  46. Tonya Revell says

    Anything chocolate with milk is my favorite, especially chocolate donuts!!!

  47. I love the glazed pop ems; they are seriously addicting!!

  48. Thomas Murphy says

    I like the Crumb donuts

  49. Oh we love the Rich Frosted Donuts, but they really are all so good!

  50. Barbara Montag says

    I love the Lemon Crumb Donuts – oh just delish!
    thank you

  51. Lori Hendricks says

    I love the Glazed PopEms

  52. Chocolate doughnuts are my favorite!

  53. Angelica Dimeo says

    I like the crumb donuts

  54. Powdered Sugar, Crumb, Blueberry muffins, lemon pound cake. I can’t choose just one.

  55. i like the cinnamon

  56. I love powdered donuts.

  57. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love the powdered sugar donuts !

  58. I like the white powered donuts.

  59. The crumb donuts. The lemon crumb and chocolate crumb ones are really good too.

  60. I love chocolate donuts, YUM!!

  61. My favorite flavor is the chocolate glaze donuts.

  62. Cindy Merrill says

    I really love Cinnamon powdered donuts, very scrumptious with a cup of hot cocoa.

  63. chocolate is my fav

  64. The chocolate frosted donuts are my favorite.

  65. My kids love the chocolate and white powdered donuts the best!

  66. Katie Bellamy says

    Chocolate frosted!! I love my chocolate!

  67. I like powdered sugar

  68. The chocolate frosted!! My daughter loves the powered!!

  69. I love the chocolate glazed

  70. I love the crumb donuts the best but I love alot of the others too.

  71. I love their chocolate donuts!

  72. My favorite is the glazed chocolate…..closely followed by the cinnamon crumb.

  73. Tracy Robertson says

    I love their Chocolate Frosted donuts and how they are entirely covered in chocolate.

  74. white powdered yum

  75. I love the chocolate donuts with the crumbles on top!

  76. Stella Methvin says

    You had me at donut!!!

  77. Chocolate

  78. Cassie Deschamp says

    Definitely the chocolate!

  79. Michelle Biba says

    My daughter loves these donuts! Thanks for the chance!

  80. My favorite since I was little and they are still my favorite today. Powder Sugar Donuts.

  81. Patricia Crowley says

    I love the devils food crumb donuts!

  82. Carla Reynolds says

    I have 2 favorite flavored doughnuts. Powdered and chocolate!

  83. The Chocolate ones are my favorite!

  84. I love their powdered donuts.

  85. Omg..in love with the chocolate ones! thank you for the chance

  86. My favorite entemann’s donut are the powdered sugar kind.

  87. I lkie the Crumb donuts

  88. Dotty J Boucher says

    I love the powdered donuts they carry

  89. I love their crumb topped donuts!! so good!

  90. Donna Kellogg says

    I like the Chocolate donuts.

  91. Michelle StPierre says

    I love the crumb ones! They are delicious!!

  92. they make a lemon crunch doughnut that is just the best! I love those.

  93. Tammy Shelton says

    I like powdered donuts the best.

  94. Tammy Shelton says

    Powdered Donuts are the best!

  95. Powdered!

  96. I love their chocolate donuts.

  97. I love double chocolate donuts! Thank you for the chance!

  98. elizabeth miller says

    The crumb donuts beat all…I love them.

  99. I love their powdered donuts.

  100. My fave from of theirs is powdered.

  101. I love the chocolate donuts.

  102. I like the cinnamon donuts.

  103. They have pumpkin donuts out in the Fall. yummy.

  104. All their products are excellent! I am a fan of cinnamon. So my favorite is their cinnamon Crumb donuts!

  105. Jerry Marquardt says

    I like the Chocolate Frosted Donuts the most of all Entenmann’s Donuts

  106. the crumb topped donuts

  107. I love the chocolate frosted donuts.

  108. I like the coconut donuts

  109. Lonnie Hutchinson says

    I love the chocolate donuts

  110. Hollie Jahnke says

    I love their chocolate donuts!

  111. I like the chocolate donuts.

  112. I like the crumb cake ones! So good!

  113. I like the chocolate donuts. I really love their Little Bites blueberry muffins.

  114. I love the crumb ones.

  115. My favorite are the chocolate donuts!

  116. Their Powdered Donuts ftw

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