Drinking Problems: More Common Than You Think

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Drinking Problems: More Common Than You Think



Alcohol is one of the most popular recreational drugs on earth, and like many people I’m sure you’re aware of the significant foothold it has in our society. While most of us like to have a drink here and there to complement a meal or take the edge off after a long day, it can be easy to slip out of what’s healthy and begin developing a problem. Here are a few subtle signs that you may be drinking too much…

You’re a Weekend Warrior

Drinking Problems: More Common Than You Think



A lot of people think that as long as they keep their drinking to the weekend, it acts as a kind of bar that will stop them from ever developing a drinking problem. I see the logic, but I’m afraid it’s not as simple as that! While studies have shown that having around seven alcoholic beverages a week can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, if you’re a teetotaller through the working week and then cut loose on the weekends, it can negate any positive health effects that drinking can offer. Furthermore, binge drinking, no matter how infrequently, can raise blood pressure, react with certain medicines, and increase the risk of acute alcohol poisoning.

Drinking Seems to “Sneak Up” on You

Drinking Problems: More Common Than You Think

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Most of us have had one instance where we went out to just have one or two cocktails with a friend, and ended up making a whole night of it! While there’s no major harm in doing this once in a while, when it starts to happen more frequently, it could be the first signs of a real drinking problem. Not knowing your limits is a big sign that you may be a binge drinker, or in danger of becoming one in the future. When excessive drinking creeps up on you, it not only poses a major risk to your health, but can also cause you to wind up “suddenly” inebriated and liable to make some very bad decisions. A lot of practicing DWI lawyers have had to deal with cases that started with someone going out intending to just have one or two relaxed drinks. If you’re finding that big nights out are always taking you by surprise, it may be time to re-evaluate your drinking habits. One good method of setting a cap for yourself is taking out cash, and using this is the limit for the amount you’ll spend on booze.

You’re Letting Responsibilities Slip

Drinking Problems: More Common Than You Think



One sure-fire sign that you’re developing a problem with any kind of substance is that you’re letting your use get in the way of responsibilities. If you’ve started to neglect things that were previously important to you for the sake of alcohol, then it may be time to consider the possibility that you have a drinking problem. Whether it’s reading your kids a bedtime story or missing your spin class on Saturday morning, if you’re putting booze before it, it’s time to make some changes.

Drinking Problems: More Common Than You Think


Though it can be hard to admit you have a drinking problem, considering the possibility early is the best way to nip the issue in the bud.


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