Cooking With Kids: How To Get Them Involved

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One of the quintessential skills everyone in life needs to posses if the ability to cook food. Humans need it to survive, and they don’t always teach the right tips in schools these days. So to give them the skills they really need you should do it yourself. Children can be quite hard to pull into cooking, but there are ways to make it fun and ways to get them easily involved. Some may take to it out of natural interest, but others may need some more persuading. Here are some ideas you can use to get your children involved in the kitchen.


Cook Things They Like To Eat


If you cook things they like they may be more interested. They may want cakes and cookies, and you can promise to bake these with them once you have cooked something worth learning. Ask them what they like, it could be pork chops, or something simple like a pizza or fried egg. Whatever you choose involve them in the process. Make them learn as they go. Have fun with it and make mistakes. After this, spend time making up something sweet that you know they will enjoy. Cookies, cake and brownies. They can take them to school and show the other kids. Incentivising the learning process is important and by doing it you are essentially teaching them to cook food and bake at the same time. Two skills they can take into life.


Make The Kitchen Somewhere Interesting


You can make the kitchen somewhere interesting by putting in a TV. They an then watch their favourite shows while you both cook. It can be hard to make the kitchen somewhere they enjoy but this is certainly one of the ways to do it. It can be a real lure. Depending on how old they are, you can even put episodes of their favourite cartoon program on an Ipad and play it in the kitchen, meaning you don’t even need a TV for them to get involved and enjoy themselves as they are cooking.


Cook Things Related To Their Favourite Characters


If they are young then there will be certain things on TV they love. There will likely be a favourite food stuff of this character or types of food designed on the character. Make these and your child will get more enjoyment out of it. They will want to participate because they will liken it to their show and feel like they are getting more involved with it. You may even be able to purchase cooking kits that follow the certain recipe in the show which they watch.


Get Messy


Kids like all things messy. If you can make something that requires the rolling of dough or messy substances, such as making a pizza from scratch then you may be able to get them involved far more easily because kids just love making any kind of mess. It will then be an enjoyable experience from which they learn how to cook something and how the overall process works.



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