Top Products For A Healthy New You

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Top Products For A Healthy New You

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We are well into the New Year now and you may still be pushing on the ‘New Year, New You’ plan you started back in January.  If you are? Well done.  However if you struggled to get past dry january, then we might have a few excellent products to help put you back on track.


First up let’s look at hydration. You are probably wondering how there can be a gadget for drinking water and if there is, what on earth does it do?  Ok, we aren’t going to write Your definitive guide to the smart water bottle, but we are going to tell you a little bit about why you need one.  


Hydration is more important than anything else.  It is more important than your diet, your skincare, the lot.  A human can die of dehydration within a matter of hours.  Whereas to die of starvation takes a whole lot longer.  Whilst there are guides as to how much water our bodies need, there has never been a personalised solution before.  Now though, there is.  Smart water bottles use the latest technology to tell you how much you should be drinking and when you need to top up.  This is a brilliant use of modern tech and means you can hit the latest fitness trends knowing you are drinking the correct amount of water.


Whilst we don’t support fad diets or jumping on the latest dieting trend, we do think that juicing is a great addition to a healthy balanced diet.  If you are in a rush in the morning and don’t have time for breakfast, replacing it with a juice crammed full of green vegetables, fruits and coconut water is a fantastic way to boost your mineral and vitamins.  It will also give your skin a great boost too.  This is why we are jumping with glee about the Philips HR1832 Compact Juicer which is on the market for under $50.00.  It is effortlessly simple to use and can be crammed in your dishwasher for a really simple clean. Well worth having in your cupboard, or better still, on your worktops to encourage you to make loads of delicious juices.


Whilst there are loads of smart devices in the fitness market there are two that stand out from the rest.  The Fitbit and Apple iWatch.  Using either one of these wrist accessories you can monitor your health throughout the day.  With various apps for the Apple product you can introduce sleep monitoring, step counting and link it to the smart water bottle.  You are able to get a real understanding of how your day has been.  Perhaps you aren’t hitting your steps targets or notice that you are sitting for long periods of the day.  Both devices can remind you to get active or to stop for a break.  They are like having a personal trainer strapped to your arm.


Get back on track and invest in some of these brilliant gadgets.  They will improve your health and fitness tenfold.

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