Remember, You’re in Control Of Your Life

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There is a tendency for people to fall into habits that are not entirely of their design. Without taking the time to think about what we actually want, as human beings we instead tend to fall into whatever it is that seems safest. There’s nothing wrong with this exactly, but it does mean that many of us aren’t shining quite as bright as we could be. To do that, we need to think about each and every decision we make. We have to be proactive with our approach to life, to know that we’ll only get out of it what we put in. It’s not always the easiest thing in the world, but it’s a worthwhile battle to undertake.

Remember, You’re in Control Of Your Life


Choosing your Day to Day Existence


Through the schooling system we’re all funneled into one type of life: a work based existence in which we spend long hours doing things we don’t really want to be doing, to fund a lifestyle that we didn’t really choose for ourselves! But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can live any life you want, whether that’s living in a foreign country, having an at home business, or becoming a top CEO for a company that plans to change the world. The choice is yours. If you’re a little bit lost, ask yourself the following question: ‘if in 500 years a person was to read the story of my life, what would I want it to say?’

Settle For Nothing

In order to have the life you want, the one thing you mustn’t do is settle. Fearing being left behind, many people settle for circumstances that they’re not necessarily unhappy with, but not entirely thrilled about either. It may be a partner (which leads to the high divorce rates) or a job, which pays the bills but leaves you feeling unfulfilled. If in your heart of hearts you’re feeling that a situation might not be right, it’s time to take the plunge and start taking the steps to becoming the very best version of yourself. And talking of which….

Being the Best You Can Be

It’s all too easy to have our lives run on autopilot. We can accept our blossoming waistlines, settle for puffy eyes, and turn a blind eye to our thinning hair. The problem, however, is that these things tend to come to us when we’re in the prime of our life; and if not in the prime, then at least when we still have more than half our life to go. Don’t be beaten down by the signs of aging – take control and have your body (and mind) be at its very best. If you have thinning hair, start taking propecia and reclaim your youthful appearance. If you’re not as fit as you once were, join a gym – and actually go to it this time. There’s always ways to improve the look and feel of our skin – you just need to actually do them!

You Are What You Eat

It is quite astonishing just how many people still don’t know something that should be obvious: that you really are what you eat. Choose to make healthy, nutritionally sound meals and you’ll look and feel better. Choose to eat fast food and meals that have a high fat and salt content and you’ll be unhealthy, which causes many problems. In our busy lives it’s not always easy to find the time to eat properly, but this is nobody’s fault but your own – you’re the one deciding what you’re eating!

Following the Crowd

In place of any better ideas, people tend to congregate together and do…just what everybody else is doing! This can mean that we all end up doing the same thing, be it spending Friday night drinking a few beers or having the same conversations in the office. However, there’s no law that says you have to follow the crowd. In fact, break away from what everyone else is doing and you’ll quickly find yourself walking down a path that is much more interesting compared to what everyone else is doing. It comes down to doing just one action: THINKING! If you’re doing what others are doing just because you think that’s what you should be doing, take a step back and ask what you would do if there was no precedent to follow.

Know This

Everyone goes through a period in their life where they worry that they don’t really know what they’re doing with their life. But here’s the thing…nobody else knows either, and the ones who look like they do are usually just bluffing. It’s absolutely fine to bluff, and it’s also fine to just accept that no one – including you – knows what they’re doing with their life. If you want to walk down a strange new path that has no other people on it, go ahead and do it – the most interesting people in history are the ones who rejected the conventional way of doing things!

Keeping it Simple

Of course, not everybody wants to live a life that sets out a new stall for humanity. Some people just want to succeed in what they’re doing. If you have a simple goal, then keep life stripped down to its basics and avoid over complicating life. This can mean making sure you’re eating well, taking care of your hygiene, that you dress and look well, and keep to a routine. If you have the basics of life taken care of, you’ll be able to launch forward from a solid platform.

Becoming the Inspiration

If you do everything in life your way and ensure you take care of yourself, then you’ll no longer need to look to others for inspiration; you will be the inspiration for others to look up to. It can be scary to think about going in a direction that isn’t so well established, scary even to stand up and take control of your life. But nobody who ever does regrets it. Power through the fear and you’ll be well rewarded.

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