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Melinda Dunne is the owner and operator of the popular lifestyle/review blog My So Called Balanced Life. She is a 40 something spouse to husband Steve, a stay at home mom to her 17-year-old son Spencer.  Melinda and Steve embarked on a new journey over a year ago to raise 2 of their 4 grandchildren ages 5 and 6. She is a college graduate with a Master’s Degree from Oklahoma University in Human Relations.

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My So Called Balanced Life started as a hobby and quickly became a place to share her favorite products through product reviews. She also enjoys hosting popular and sought after giveaways. Melinda is very passionate about music, cooking, family, DIY projects, beauty, fashion, nature and traveling; which she shares on her blog. 

Melinda is the owner, operator and writer for My So Called Balanced Life. Spencer is also a contributor for My So Called Balanced Life assisting in editing, photography and other duties. Melinda and Spencer are the only writers and contributers. 

Melinda also spends a great deal of time dedicated to finding balance and inspiration in her life. She is always striving to learn and improve the world around her. She currently resides in Colorado with her husband, son, 2 grandchildren and her 2 dogs Chloe and Peaches.

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