Oroweat Bread Giveaway #ad

Oroweat Bread recently reformulated the Oroweat Whole Grains 100% Whole Wheat Bread.   I am always looking for delicious, high-quality, whole wheat bread that offers a substantial amount of whole grains per slice. My favorite brand of bread is Oroweat Bread because … [Read more...]

Dealing With Dysphagia: Make A Pork Stroganoff That Looks & Tastes Great!

Many people suffer from a medical condition called dysphagia. In a nutshell, dysphagia is where a person has trouble swallowing things like chunks of food. There are many reasons why someone would develop dysphagia. For example, it may come about after having a stroke. Or it … [Read more...]

Wonderful Halos Giveaway

Wonderful Halos mandarins are in season.   One of my family‚Äôs favorite snacks is in season! Wonderful Halo mandarins are currently in season through April. My family and I love it when Wonderful Halos are in season because they are a healthy, sweet treat packed with … [Read more...]