Friday Chatter~Katy Perry

So it is official my Friday Chatter is really going to be about music. This week I want to feature Katy Perry's song Wide Awake. I love this song and it is my song of the week. What is your "song" this week? … [Read more...]

Friday Chatter~Papa Roach

(Jacoby from Papa Roach)   Ok so I want to do Friday Chatter but I get stuck on music. I don't know why but music is always my go to subject. I can't help it. Today I feel the need to talk about Papa Roach. I just read an article about the lead singer Jacoby Shaddix … [Read more...]

Friday Chatter Adam Lambert

  I am a HUGE Adam Lambert fan, something that I haven’t (surprisingly) mentioned on here yet. He is my go to guy for stress relief, rock star moments in the car, shower or kitchen. I love him and his music. It brings peace to my spirit and soul or moments of just being a … [Read more...]