RecoveryMax Post–Workout Pain Reliever

RecoveryMax is a safe and efficient topical post-workout pain reliever. Since summer is right around the corner, many people are doing extra workouts to get their body beach ready. Adding or increasing your workouts can cause muscle soreness, and increased lactic acid … [Read more...]

ReliefBand For Fast Relief Morning Sickness and Motion Sickness

ReliefBand for fast relief from nausea, morning sickness and motion sickness. Summer is right around the corner which for most people means traveling to their favorite vacation destination, amusement parks, boating and more. Did you know 60 million people suffer from motion … [Read more...]

Alkaline88 pH Water Giveaway

Alkaline88 pH Water provides a pH level of 8.8 for better drinking water. I am a firm believer in drinking water with a higher pH level because it is better for my body. Alkaline88 pH Water offers a pH level of 8.8 through state-of-the-art and completely chemical free … [Read more...]