Aroma Pressure Cooker Review

I found a great small cooking appliance from Aroma it is a 6-Quart Digital Pressure Cooker. I love this versatile appliance. The pressure cooker can be used to brown, simmer, steam, warm and slow cook your food. It has 3 programmable settings for pressure cooking; high, medium … [Read more...]

Ozeri Green Earth Wok Review

I cook every day which becomes a chore at times because I don’t have what I need. One of my family’s favorite meals is General Tsoa’s Chicken (my style) I have to make a large amount because my guys love it. I have tried to make it in several different pans but none seemed to be … [Read more...]

ChicWrap Review and Giveaway

ChicWrap   One of my pet peeves in the kitchen is everyday plastic wrap. I hate using it because it sticks together when I pull it off the roll and the jagged metal bar is a nuisance; I almost always walk away wounded from that thing. Additionally, the box the … [Read more...]