NatraCure Deep Hydrating Mitts

NatraCure Deep Hydrating Mitts for deep hydration for your hands. I don’t know about you, but my hands are extremely dry during the winter months. Not only does the weather dry out my hands but I am a habitual hand washer especially during cold and flu season. It is not … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Shopping with Sephora

Take the guess work out of holiday gift shopping by shopping at Sephora. The holiday season is here, and it is beginning of crunch time to get gifts for all of your loved ones. I can be difficult to shop for sometimes because I have expensive taste or want an item that has … [Read more...]

Bio Ionic Sugar Skull Collection 1875W Pro Dryer Giveaway

Bio Ionic has recently released a Sugar Skull Collection. I am thrilled to share the new released Bio Ionic Sugar Skull Collection 1875W Pro Dryer with you! As most of you know, the only flat irons and blow dryers I use are Bio Ionic because they have the best products for … [Read more...]