Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Recipe

Nothing goes better with chocolate than cherries, at least in my opinion. I love combining the combination of flavors and add some cheesecake to that and you have HEAVEN! I am sure you are going to love this Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake recipe. Valentine‚Äôs Day is right around … [Read more...]

Barbara’s Cookie Pies For The Holidays Giveaway 11/21

Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away if you are like me time is limited. I don't have a lot of time to cook and make individual desserts for Thanksgiving or for the holidays in general. However, I found an excellent alternative to homemade desserts from Barbara's Cookie … [Read more...]

Mexican Brownies Recipe #CincoDeMayo

Easy Mexican Brownies Recipe for a simple dessert for Cinco De Mayo. I certainly have a trend going this week posting recipes for Cinco De Mayo. Here is a super easy recipe for Mexican Brownies. Let me tell you these brownies are downright HEAVENLY! I used a Ghirardelli … [Read more...]