Cherry Limeade Recipe

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a cool refreshing Cherry Limeade without leaving your home. I don't know about you but I always have maraschino cherries on hand and many times the jar is left full of juice, this is a great recipe to use up that cherry juice. Here is … [Read more...]

S’more Poppers Recipe

If you know anything about me, it is probably my love for S'mores. Yes,  it is true I love S'mores so  much I think they should be their own food group. I just can't get enough of the gooey marshmallow, smooth melted chocolate and crunchy graham. I recently started a  lifestyle … [Read more...]

Fun Shaped Rice Krispies Treats

Make a fun and simple treat for Easter! If you are looking for a fun way to spruce up the regular Rice Krispies Treat here is something that is fun and easy to do. I know right now you can find the Rice Krispies Treat Eggs filled with M&M's recipe everywhere. This is a … [Read more...]