Starting Life As A Student: The Most Underrated Tips

Image source Beginning life as a student can be one of those exciting and daunting decisions we make. Student life can actually begin at any time of life now. More and more people are choosing to delay their studies until they are more financially stable. But whether you’re a … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday~First Day Of School

School stated here on August 1! Here is a picture of my 2 grandsons on their first day of school. The oldest is in 1st grade and the youngest is in Kindergarten.  … [Read more...]

Office 365 Home Premium Review

  When you visit my home, you will find there is no shortage of technology. I am a busy blogger who is constantly on my desktop or laptop.My husband usually has work to do at home so he is on his laptop in the evening. Our teenage son attends school online so he is also … [Read more...]