What Can You See And Do In The Philippines For Free?

There are some places that are just spectacular to leave off your bucket list. When you’re wondering where to head to next for a travel adventure, there are plenty of choices. But one that provides a wealth of experiences, landscapes, and an interesting culture is the … [Read more...]

Eagle Creek Universal Traveler Backpack RFID

The perfect travel essential Eagle Creek Universal Traveler Backpack RFID. If you’re traveling this holiday season, I have the perfect travel essential it is the Eagle Creek Universal Traveler Backpack RFID. The backpack makes traveling a breeze because it is checkpoint … [Read more...]

My Favorite Activity #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 7

  Your favorite activity besides blogging... Gosh this one is easy I have 3 activities that I love; traveling, fishing and photography. I love the excitement of traveling. I love visiting new places, learning new things and just the experience of a different place. My … [Read more...]